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Premier Dog Toy Product Review: Pogo Plush Beaver

Premier Pet Product Pogo Plush Toy Our dog Cleo, a large German Shepherd-Husky, loves squeaky toys. She loves them so much, you might say she loves them to death.

It has been a struggle finding dog toys that give this "predator" a satisfying squeak of fear (or maybe delight?), before they poop out.

We have worked to keep her current line in good shape, just in case we are stuck with them long past their end date. Check out our eco-post where we tried recycling and repairing a few toys.

Today we received a reprieve when the lovely folks at Premier Pet Products let Cleo taste test their new dog toy - a Pogo Plush Beaver.

This turned into a very exciting playtime.  Cleo didn't know what to do when she discovered this beaver toy has a free-floating squeaker! Considering her dental challenges, we are always amazed that she can tear many other dog toys apart.

This Pogo Plush toy has a patent pending bounce-back design that means there is an inside frame rather than stuffing. Yep, no more pieces of stuffing to worry about your dog eating or scattering about your living room.


What we liked: The inner bouncy frame kept Cleo working the toy for a long time, with the occasional squeak pay-off.

What we didn't like: Not much though a few more squeaks floating around inside the frame would probably make Cleo happier...and feel like she was "torturing" the poor thing.

What it cost us:  Nothing

What it might cost you: The large size Pogo Plush Beaver is $19 and the small is $11

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