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FiXit Foundation - Enticing People to Spay/Neuter

Over 2 billion dollars of tax-payer money is spent per year to collect, house, care for, and ultimately kill over 4 million cats and dogs each year.

Over-population and under-education. Statistics like the one above can be debated but we owe it to ourselves to challenge the myths behind spaying and neutering animals. Killing hundreds of animals every hour (yes, hour) is not something we should allow without trying and trying some more, to find a way to stop. Today we have spay and neuter programs like Houston’s SNAP and we have clever campaigns like Help Joey, taking simple yet forward strides toward ending the overpopulation in animal shelters.

SF/SPCA Holiday Pet Adoption Window at Macy's
Wouldn't it be great not to need these holiday pet adoption drives?

Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Spay and Neuter Your Pet (ASPCA)

Prevention vs. Euthanasia. FiXit Foundation is a new animal foundation that plans to work with existing spay and neuter programs (SNP). They will add to these program’s efforts by supplementing SNP costs to make procedures free and by trying out various incentives for the participants to take away with them. Enticing people to learn about the facts and motivate them to act are key. Removing the cost barrier is only one aspect to reducing overpopulation.

Spay and Neuter Myths (HSUS)

Dollars and Sense. Even if the procedure is low cost, for many Americans it is still more than they can afford. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, in February the FiXiT Foundation is also launching an initiative called GetYourFix.org. It will connect pet owners to local shelters that offer low-cost spay or neuter services.  The initiative will also allow people to sponsor pet owners.

Humane or Cruel. In 2010, CBS News poll showed 63% of Americans favor the death penalty. Do you think the same percentage would feel this way if the poll were about the killing of dogs and cats? Hopefully with the help of the FiXit Foundation and many others, we will keep the dialog going in a positive and even creative direction.

Call me naïve but I still believe that most people, if asked, would choose prevention to euthanasia.  Let's work together to be part of the solution rather than the problem.  Supporting programs and groups like these is a great step forward.

For more information visit:

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Help Joey -- Campaign preventing animals from having sex.

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