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Bark It Furward Program: Comments Raise Money and Awareness for Canine Assistants

Give Fearlessly. Influence Positively. These are the two keystones to Grouchy Puppy. What better way to begin the year then by sharing with you a program created to raise awareness and funds for a non-profit that exemplifies our two keystones.

Bark It Furward is a program created by Milk-Bone® brand to educate others about the inspiring work being conducted by Canine Assistants, a non-profit organization that trains and provides service dogs for children and adults with physical disabilities.

"My dog makes my wheelchair disappear."

For nearly 20 years, Canine Assistants has provided 1,000 service dogs to people across the country, giving them the chance to have more independent lifestyles. Besides service dogs, Canine Assistants train and provide companion dogs and seizure response dogs.


Have you seen the PBS documentary, “Through a Dog’s Eyes,” showing the training methods and matching process conducted at Canine Assistants? I did several months ago. After watching and learning how Jennifer Arnold, founder of Canine Assistants provides all of these important service dogs without any government funding, my husband and I called into our local PBS station during the pledge break.

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Many people in need of a service dog depend on Canine Assistants to pay for the lifelong care of the dog. Without the help of any government funding, Canine Assistants relies on the generosity and private donations made by philanthropic partners, like Milk-Bone®, to help pay for the training of these special needs dogs.

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The Bark It Furward movement is taking place now until January 4, 2010. In an effort to help care for and train more assistance dogs for recipients across the country, Milk-Bone® is asking people like you and me to rally around Canine Assistants.

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For every comment we receive on this blog post, Milk-Bone® will donate $1 to Canine Assistants! Please pass this blog post around, post on Facebook and Tweet about it. Ask others to stop by and comment.  Give Fearlessly.

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