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Dogs for Sale: DOGS are for Christmas Not Just for LIFE

I found some adorable dogs for sale. Handsome dogs of all shapes and sizes. These dogs cannot be adopted or rescued. These special dogs can be found in an art gallery rather than on Craig's List. They are perfect dogs to buy any time of year but especially during the holidays.

These dogs won't make it on the new Animal Planet's new television show Bad Dog. These are the types of dogs who won't be in trouble for having bits of paper and unwanted scraps on them. These mixed media dogs and other beasts for sale are made from British artist, Peter Clark.

Like the talent of artist BZTAT, I am always impressed by the creative process of others, especially those in the visual arts. Peter Clark takes found items and with his unique imagination, turns them into clever portraits. 

Read all about the man behind these amazing creatures, and until December 19 if you are in London, see his work at the Rebecca Hossack Art Gallery.


Bulldog Collage Peter Clark

"A long time collector of ‘things' Peter trawls the markets with his wife textile designer Karen Nicol and collects old stamps, faded maps, love letters, labels, buttons, dress making patterns, playing cards, textiles cotton webbing that binds books and paper boxes for the basis of his work."


German Shepherd Collage Peter Clark

"Clark's approach to paper collage is three dimensional. Peter first draws the outline in felt tip and then spends hours choosing from his collection of found ‘things' the right materials and colours to define the muscles, features and tonal effects which finally bring to life the finished work. He rolls and sculpts specific areas creating texture at crucial points in the work and never far behind is Clark's humor."
Peter Clark Dogs

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What does it mean to be a Guardian to an older dog?

We're all getting older. Some of us are slowing down. However, we know now that life can still be happier for many years to come: our later years can be more fulfilling than ever.  This is true for our older dogs too.  Cleo was an adult dog when we adopted her.  Now she is a senior dog and we are making slight adjustments to her routine and her pet care.

Below are resources and expert advice for caregivers of aging pets:

Feeding Older Dogs.  The ASPCA recommends diets for elderly dogs to include higher levels of antioxidant compounds such as vitamin E and beta-carotene.  When our dog Cleo was determined to be "senior" in age, we began adding about a tablespoon or so of grated carrot in her dog bowl at each meal. She loves it and the fiber is good "ruff-age".

Cleo my grouchy puppy eats dinner

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