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Dogs Make Holidays Fun!

Dog Stickers
Puppies!! Who doesn't love baby animals? Turn their cute faces into stickers and you've got yourself hours of fun!

At least that is what my six year old niece would declare.  My niece is really good at declarations and proclamations when it comes to how to have a good time when I babysit.

My adored niece loves stickers. And she loves puppies. This time of year and for her any chance I get, is the perfect time to head over to our local Hallmark store or neighborhood card shop. We can spend an hour hunting through the aisles for anything dog or puppy related.

We get fun stuff like bone-shaped rubber stamps, colored pens and pencils, and cute stickers like these to "dress up" gifts for family and school friends.  It always makes for a fun visit and project together.

Even when their cuteness is just two-dimensional, dogs always make the holidays more fun!


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