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Season of Sharing: Our Feel Good Giveaway

We believe that the holidays are about family, friends and sharing the joy of the season. Our family includes a big Shepherd-Husky rescue named Cleo. She inspires us to be better and to give fearlessly of ourselves. We thought this is the perfect time to challenge you, our readers and FOC [Fans of Cleo] to give, in the form of a story.

FDP Crest Logo Shirt Last month the team at Freaky Dog People sent us two of their t-shirts to review. Click on this link to the FDP product review or go to our Reviews tab.

While we absolutely love their company's mission AND their shirts, we thought it would be much more fun to share the cute shirts with you! We squirreled them away, until now.

Today is the first day to enter the Grouchy Puppy Feel Good Giveaway!  We will give away two super soft, awesome shirts, to two people just in time for the holidays.  Feels good to give and the shirt will feel good once you receive it!

Here is your chance to show your love for the awesomeness of dogs and share with us some family stories!

  • To enter, leave a comment sharing with us who your four-legged (or three-legged or even two-legged) family member is and how they contribute to your holiday celebrations and family gatherings this time of year.

Don't be shy, we want specifics! Is your pup willing to dress up in Reindeer Antlers for more than a millisecond? Do they make snow angels with you? Maybe check under the tree for loose bows on presents? DO TELL!!!

For example: Cleo is our big rescue dog who diligently checks everyone's shoes and bags at the door, as closely as the TSA does at the airport.  She entertains our house guests by doing tricks for dog treats and she lets us know when family picture taking is over by giving us the stink-eye and walking away to another room.

  • To keep shipping costs reasonable [we'll spring for US Mail] and to make sure you get your shirt promptly, this giveaway is open to U.S. residents only.
  • We will pick two lucky winners at random next Wednesday December 15, 2010. Make sure and leave a real email address so we can notify each lucky winner!!
  • One entry per comment.
  • Both shirts we are giving away are shown. The Earth Coal FDP Crest Logo has a $30 value and is a size medium. The Persimmon Love Ride shirt has a $28 value and is a size large.



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