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Dogs on Paper

Maggie the Doberman waits to open her gift Does your dog like gifts?  Do they open their own presents?  We didn't train our dog Cleo but she is a natural at tearing open wrapping paper!

With any gift giving, even for a beloved pet, I love to think about the paper I'm going to wrap stuff in. Who doesn't love cute dog prints on gift wrap? This year while looking for new wrapping paper I typed in "dogs on paper".

The top two results are... why dogs eat paper! Seriously, out of 54 million results the issue of dogs eating paper is apparently that important.  The third result is about making paper dogs with the rest about potty training your puppy. Before I could find paper with cute dogs printed on it, I had to add the word "wrap" to my search. 

The good news is that everyone now is selling lots of fun paper and card stock, even stickers with cute dogs on them!  My problem is deciding on which ones. 

I'm not that crafty as I demonstrated with this sewing dog toy project

I aim to avoid giving a gift wrapped to make my elderly neighbor Carmen cross-eyed because of a busy pattern or M.C. Escher-like imagery.


My obsession with wrapping paper, note paper and card stock is lost on my dog and my husband. I will probably stick to the more inexpensive paper for Cleo. Unlike some dogs (Bruin, I'm looking at you), she doesn't eat paper. She uses her thick, always in need of a trim, nails to tear apart the wrapping paper.

For the Fido who insists on eating the paper, I did find edible wrapping paper for pets!  Pet Party Printz offers paper that has self-adhesive and is without many of the chemicals in traditional paper. I guess that explains why "dogs on paper" is really about dogs eating paper.

Since I don't know how many years I have left with Cleo she will receive a gift, wrapped in paper, like everyone else this Christmas.  This is our family tradition and well, she's family.



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