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Influence Positively Interview - Jessica Bush

Jessica has a passion for taking photos of dogs and is behind the blog Dogingham which is about connecting community and nature simply by being a dog owner. What joy did your dog bring to you today?

What is your idea of perfect happiness? If perfect happiness exists, it’s simply living in the moment without reaction to outside factors.

Rumi said, “Out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing there is a field. I'll meet you there. When the soul lies down in that grass, the world is too full to talk about.” If that field is a real place, my idea of perfect happiness is set on a lovely ranch at mealtime—with good food and conversations with friends in a comfy environment. Perhaps all our pets would be together nearby and waiting to sneak a tasty morsel for themselves.

If you could come back as a dog or a cat, which one would it be & why? I would come back as a dog because they live without material desires or expectations of others. They wake-up and greet each day with joy and enthusiasm. Same food? No problem. Same schedule? No problem. They are just happy to be awake, alive and in the moment with their friends and family.

What is your pets’ most treasured possession? I have three dogs and, oddly enough, none of them are attached to any particular possession, but each dog has something that motivates her. Singer, my 13-year-old dalmatian, is a people person. She loves being close to people no matter where we are—indoors or out, on the couch or in the bed, etc. So, I guess you could say that Singer’s most treasured possession is a spot to snuggle by your side. Sister, my 7-year-old brown border collie mix, is a hard worker and is always on the job. Her true nature is to be both physically and mentally engaged most of the time. So, Sister’s most treasured possession is playtime. This might be hide and seek with treats in our home or running the agility course at the dog park. Anything that gets her moving and thinking! And finally, Judy, my 6-year-old white border collie mix, is quite the foodie. Do you have carrots? Or kibble? Or peanut butter? Great! Wanna share? Perfect! As long as she can partake of your fun fare, she’s pleased as punch.

I suppose you might even say that the three of them provide an ideal outlook on life’s simple pleasures. After all, is there anything better than close friends, time for play and good food?

Your proudest achievement so far? Though I have many more goals to achieve, I would have to say I’m very proud of the community of amazing people that Dogingham is part of!

Who are your heroes in real life? I’m not sure if I have heroes, but there are definitely people who influence me: Shreve Stockton of the DailyCoyote.net is one. I have great respect for her connection to nature and her method of sharing that experience. Her photos are amazing and heartfelt.

And as a whole, the animal shelter volunteers nationwide—their ability to care for neglected animals on a regular basis without giving in to frustration or cynicism is extraordinary.

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