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Freaky Dog People: Product Review

Love Ride Tee Freaky Dog People. The only thing freaky about the dog people behind this company is how big their heart is. Okay that, and maybe how talented they are, because we loved all of the designs on their t-shirts.

The mission of Freaky Dog People Inc. is to make a difference in the life of dogs by caring for them and by raising money and awareness for dog rescue groups, shelters, canine assistance programs and organizations that provide care for the dogs that don’t have a home or loving family.  

Be the Change. Raising money and awareness is how we define giving fearlessly.  We don't do a lot of product reviews but after we met these amazing people at Blog Paws West, we leapt at the opportunity.

Birthday Club. Today is Cleo's homecoming day and we loved that FDP has a birthday club you can sign your dog up for.  What? Your dog doesn't have their own email address? Get over to Yahoo or Google Gmail quick and set one up!  [Cleo has her own email] 

Designer Quality Feel Good T-shirts.  All of their cute shirts are made from super soft fabric. The shirts are $28 - $30. A portion of each sale goes towards dog rescue organizations. Feel good wearing the fabric and feel good in your heart.

One essential part of their business model is to help dog rescue organizations raise money for their continued operation.  If you're a Dog Rescue Organization, the FDP Affiliate Program provides a 30% commission directly to you. Be the change for animals.

Learn more about Freaky Dog People here. 

Note:  My review is NOT sponsored by Freaky Dog People and is the sole opinion of the reviewer, me.  I did receive two t-shirts from Freaky Dog People, which I intend to give away during the holidays - so subscribe to our blog or keep checking back for details. I'm thinking mid-November when we're feeling extra thankful.

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