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Dogs Protect Let's Return the Favor

Dogs protect us. Dogs serve as canine companions and as law enforcement partners. "To protect and to serve", was written on the side of the police car my father drove before he retired years ago. Today big cities like San Francisco and Boston have K-9 units working everyday to protect and serve us in the community - sometimes saving our life.  The human police officers are provided with a bulletproof vest but sadly providing the dogs bulletproof vests is not usually funded by the law enforcement agency.

Vest-A-Dog is a Massachusetts all volunteer non-profit organization that raises money to give K-9 dogs the much needed bulletproof vests. Since their founding 10 years ago, the organization has provided hundreds of bulletproof vests for dogs across the Greater Boston Area. They recently created a short PSA video highlighting how these K-9 officers give fearlessly.

Watch this sweet reminder of what a dog will do for you and consider donating.

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