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Pet Safety: Having a Happy Howl'-o-ween

IMG_2293 Halloween is here again. All kinds of pet parades and dog costume contests have been going on in cities across America. Silly pet photos can be seen on Facebook pages and Smartphone wallpapers everywhere.

Our dog Cleo does not like wearing anything except her harness and leash, because that means a walk.

We learned soon after we got Cleo a few things that have saved us from many an accident during Halloween.  Here are some of the best tips that we'll never forget:

  • This time of year also brings discarded candy wrappers and scraps from costumes, both could be choking hazards for pets. 
  • Pumpkins are delicious when cooked and put into your dog's dinner, but the jack-o-lantern with its candle flame if it is low enough for an excited swipe of a tail or paw, can turn dangerous.
  • Many of us live with our front doors facing a busy street or a dark suburban landscape. Avoid the spooked pet - before opening the door for trick-or-treaters, keep Rex safely behind a secure door until your front door is completely closed.
  • Keep the telephone number of the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center—(888) 426-4435—as well as that of your local veterinarian, in a prominent location.

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