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Today is Blog the Change for Animals. Every four months it is our chance to gather as a community, to share links, ideas and camaraderie.  My post on July 15 was about Rocket Dog Rescue, a grass roots San Francisco rescue, who I admire for how much they accomplish with such a lean organization. This pet rescue gives fearlessly!

IMG_0671_2 Blog about a shelter/foster/cause/friend close to your heart.  Today I'm highlighting a larger organization that has the heart of a small shelter, but the framework and outreach of a much bigger outfit.  They hold a special place in my heart because two years ago this week, they were there for us when Cleo, our Husky/German Shepherd, needed immediate emergency animal dentistry on the Columbus Day holiday weekend.  

Panicked would be an understatement. Who knew how difficult it would be to find a pet hospital open on a holiday weekend, that also had dental equipment for dogs and the staff available to operate. By the time we found the place that could help, we were a mushy mess, worried that Cleo would lose not only her upper canine tooth but part of her jaw.  Around 1:00AM after hours of surgery and recovery, the end of our ordeal had us shaking our heads in amazement, gladly paying our bill and cuddling with Cleo in the back seat all the way home.

Pets Unlimited.  This veterinary hospital/shelter has been around since 1947, helping saving more than 250,000 animals in San Francisco. Besides operating an Adoption Center and a 24x7 Medical Center, they also provide:

- special emergency services during disasters (such as earthquakes and fires) sheltering lost pets, sheltering pets for people who have lost their homes, treating injured animals and serving as an information clearinghouse.

- discounted services to other animal care organizations such as PAWS, Animal Welfare, Guide Dogs for the Blind and Greyhound Rescue.

- yearly free examinations and vaccinations to the animals of clients of PAWS (Pets Are Wonderful Support), an organization that helps HIV and AIDS patients with the care of their pets.

Big hearts with big goals, requires even bigger help.  Pets Unlimited is the honored recipient of a $100,000 Challenge Match in support of their shelter and charitable veterinary care programs and they need our help to secure it! Generous individuals, who wish to remain anonymous, have pledged this extraordinary gift to Pets Unlimited if they are able to raise a matching $100,000 from the community by December 31, 2010. Without the full support of animal lovers like you to help them reach this goal, these funds will not be received. Every dollar helps them reach their goal.

You can make a tax deductible donation or here are some things they always need:

  • Craft items for interactive cat toys (feathers, pipe cleaners, brown paper bags)
  • Medium to large rugs
  • Canned Tuna
  • Cat/Dog Pill Pockets
  • Rawhides, Kongs, Bullysticks for Dogs
  • Stimulating interactive Dog Toys

We are grateful to Pets Unlimited for not only their compassionate care of Cleo, their kindness towards us in our own agitated state, but also the level of skills they bring to our community.  We thank them and all who support them.

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