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Cleo Says What?

How dogs smell, I don't know. Truthfully sometimes Cleo stinks at sniffing out dog treats right in front of her nose. 

My first fear thought is that she is losing her sense of smell as she ages.  My second worry thought is that I need to wash her dog bedding, because clearly the smells within it must be concealing the smells of the treat.

This is a tough one because personally I think a dog would love either smell.  Even if it is her feet, whatever stinks the most wins?  Is that how dogs process the smells?

She may be an aging huntress but Cleo can still track and find her favorite food - chicken liver.  Through "air-tight" packaging, she found these freeze-dried treats.* 

Since we found out Cleo can't eat corn, we've got ourselves a healthier girl. It's a good thing these treats are small and all natural because we are going through them like popcorn!

*Thanks Etta Says! for having your tasty treats at BlogPaws West, and sharing them with us attendees for free.

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