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Influence Positively Questionnaire - Robin A.F. Olson

Robin A.F. Olson
Robin A.F. Olson is author of Covered in Cat and the President & Founder of Kitten Associates, the New Breed of Cat Rescue. Robin is also a Graphic Designer and member of the Cat Writers’ Association. She lives in Connecticut with an unknown number of cats, but judging from her cat food bill, a good guess would be “more than a few.” is a 2010 Pettie Awards Finalist for Best Cause Related Blog.  You can follow Covered in Cat Hair on Facebook or follow Robin on Twitter: @KitschKat

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

I have so many, but not any one is all that exotic. For me, I take joy in the little things: When my foster kittens are all lapping at their food, some even purring as they eat; their tummies are full and I know they’re safe. Or when I get the call that the cats I just pulled from a kill shelter are at the Vet and their snap tests are negative. Not only are those cats out of danger, their futures are bright. Lastly, being in bed covered with my cats on a weekend, with the snow gently falling outside, a good book in hand and a cup of tea works for me.

If you could come back as a dog or a cat, which one would it be and why?

I’d come back as dog because I’m not so sure I want to lick myself clean every day, as cats do. Also, I think it would be really fun to BARK, really loud—especially at inappropriate times!

What is your pets most treasured possession?

Not to sound vain, but I’d have to say—Me. My cats always seem to be nearby (especially if they’re hungry, lonely, bored or hungry, oh, and hungry). And if not me, then for certain, the remnants of a wand-type cat toy. It’s just a stick with a bit of string on it, but for some reason this is the best toy they’ve ever encountered.

Your proudest achievement so far?

Finding a lost, 21 year old cat named Chester, in the middle of the woods. He’d gotten away from his family’s car when they stopped at a local diner on their way to Maine. He was lost without food or water for almost five days. A number of folks looked for him, but for some reason, the night before I found him, I couldn’t sleep. Something inside me told me to go back and look again. I got up at 6:30AM and went back to the location. Within 30 minutes, I’d found him stuck under a tree. His heavy metal leash was hooked up on some brush. He was very close to death. Had no pulse in his extremities. His body temp. was dangerously low. I told him he was going to be okay, even though I wasn’t so sure. I raced him to the ER Vet. Then called his family to tell them the news. For days I was sick with worry, but every time I called the Vet, they said he was still with us and slowly getting better. That was two months ago. Chester is home with his family, safe and sound, doing well. If you do a search on: ”Chester” on my blog, you can see photos and read more about the story.

Who are your heroes in real life? There are many!

• All the people I network with to get help for cats in need.
• The folks who foster for me.
• Bobby, who will drive just about anywhere, any time to go pick up a cat from a shelter for me or get them to the Vet (since I live 1000 miles away from the shelters I help out).
• My readers, who dig deep into their pockets to donate money to injured cats I’ve rescued, who send me notes to cheer me up when I’ve a bad day, who share their stories with me about the love they have for their cats. It’s a sacred relationship to me.

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