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PEDIGREE Adoption Drive - Pet Blogger Hop Special Edition

BlogPaws West is now over, the DogTime Pet Blog Awards "Petties" have all been given out and every animal loving inspirational speaker has returned home.  What's next?

You can write a post, help a dog!

Now through midnight ET September 19 for each blog that writes a post about the PEDIGREE adoption drive, PEDIGREE will donate a 20 lb. bag of their new Healthy Longevity Food for Dogs to a shelter.

One bag of dog food will be donated per participating blog. Just like the Saturday Pet Blogger Hops, you will want to make to add the URL of your PEDIGREE adoption drive post to be counted. 

The food drive is not limited to pet blogs so please tell your friends to join in.  Do you know mommy bloggers? How about tech bloggers?  Friends in college? 

It only costs a little time to make a difference for the many dogs and cats in shelters across the nation.

Here's the full scoop:

Each year, more than 4 million dogs end up in shelters and breed rescue organizations.

Pedigree created The PEDIGREE Adoption Drive to help shine a spotlight on the plight of these homeless dogs.  

This year the PEDIGREE Adoption Drive is raising awareness for homeless dogs by donating a bowl of food to shelter dogs for everyone who becomes a “Fan” or “Likes” The PEDIGREE Adoption Drive on Facebook.

So far more than 1 million bowls have been donated. Click >> on the yellow PEDIGREE badge >>


Do you know other bloggers that love animals? They can write a post too!  This special BlogPaws West edition of the weekend pet blogger hop is a great opportunity for bloggers everywhere to make a difference without reaching into their pockets.

Make sure your post gets counted.  Put the direct link to your Pedigree post and not your blog URL into the list, to make sure you get counted.

See the list of blogs at the end of this post? See were it says “You’re next”? Click on “Your next” and enter the URL of your blog post NOT the URL of your Blog.

* Just remember - to make sure your post counts: 1) Use #dogsrule when you announce your post on Twitter; 2) use #dogsrule in your post; 3) use #dogsrule as a ‘tag’ for your post; 4) link to the PEDIGREE Adoption Drive Facebook fan page.

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