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Why we need to advocate for spay/neuter programs

Seniors Rule!

My time at Muttville has left a mark, and I'm not talking about the dirty paws on my pants. My heart has been captured by those "senior sweethearts" waiting to move to their forever home. Here is a short tribute I made, from watching one of the cuties I met:

Don't buy, adopt! If you are thinking about getting a dog, consider adopting an older dog. Visit a shelter in your area or a nonprofit group like Muttville and see what I mean. Your heart will thump and you might find yourself considering adopting a breed or mix that you know nothing about - all because those soulful eyes shine with all the love and companionship that is still in their gray haired body.

Visit your local humane society or shelter or check out the helpful information on Petfinder. Here are groups specializing in senior dogs:

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