How the Pet Bloggers Blog Hop Came About
Wordless Wednesday #8

Most Versatile Blogger Award

Wow, we're still blushing.  We recently received an award from @STLSeniorDog also known in the blogosphere as the St. Louis Senior Dog Project. It is a wonderful and unexpected surprise that made our week. The folks who help pets and in particular finding homes for senior dogs have a special place in our heart.  We couldn't imagine Cleo being in a shelter again because we were gone or unable to care for her now.   Before we start getting schmoopy, this award comes with some conditions, so let's get to it!

1) Thank the person who gave you the award: THANK YOU! Gracias! Salamat! Grazie! Danke! ありがとうござ います!

2) Share 7 things about yourself:

  • Though I would drag my heels, I actually really loved packing the car at night with my mom for those early morning road trips to dog shows when I was a kid.
  • Before we rescued Cleo, I used to go around to our friends in the city and borrow their dogs to play with and take for walks.
  • This blog, Dog Days is the companion to Cleo's Day. At Blog Paws, the amazing people I met encouraged me to speak from my own voice, not just Cleo's.
  • When I was a kid living in rural California, I thought my grown-up life would be spent on a farm in Wyoming with tons and tons of animals.
  • I love social media and using it as a form of 21st century storytelling. Between both blogs, we are trying to teach people young and old basic civics, tolerance, open-mindedness - to give fearlessly and influence positively.
  • In all honesty, Cleo really did inspire all things Grouchy Puppy. Everyday in the past five years, she has done something to push me towards being a better person and I'm so grateful.
  • Choosing to get involved with the larger pet community online through Twitter, Blog Paws and Facebook has made me even more motivated to get involved locally, starting with helping senior dogs.

Now the most awesome part of this award:

3) Pass this award along to 15 bloggers who you have recently discovered and you think are fantastic:

Boulder Dog - I love Deborah's approach to dogs & understanding their behavior. I learn something valuable every time I visit her blog.

Rumblebum - We recently discovered that he is the secret little brother of Cleo

Hero the Sharpei - He is the cutest dog and I adore reading and seeing his adventures a world away

Blog Paws - Where the rubber meets the road for pet enthusiasts. They are a great resource!

Pups in Tea Cups - Cleo loves little dogs but these holy terrors could be the ones to change her mind.

The Thundering Herd - they make me want to get another dog!

No Dog About It - We like checking out what Mel finds on her walks

Something Wagging This Way Comes - I always learn something here

Two Little Cavaliers - we love to see what new giveaway she has going or what her pups are up to!

Muttville Senior Dog Rescue - This San Francisco group demonstrates how one person can make a difference and create something meaningful.

I still want more Puppies - Puppy Love! Always something interesting or funny going on here.

24 Paws of Love - that says it all. Love stopping by here for a dose of doggie warmth.

Will My Dog Hate Me? - Edie has a way of taking serious subjects and mixing them with just the right amount of humor, that it keeps me wanting to read more and more of her writing.

Amazon Cares - Met them at Blog Paws. Wonderful animal rescue and education

Moxie Paws(TM) - Because Cleo has it!

4) Contact the bloggers and let them know they where picked!

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