Influence Positively Questionnaire - Lisa Taron
Wordless Wednesday #5

Hope they ate before they went shopping

You know what they say about eating before shopping...otherwise you never stick to your list.  Really cute and fun video to watch.  What was really great for me was seeing smart & sharp dogs do what they do best & how they obviously enjoy their trainer. It's amazing.  These guys clearly were motivated to hit their marks.  Clicker or reward based training?  Did you see the engagement in their manner and focused eyes? The German Shepherd is adorable and a natural leader.  Definitely why I love big dogs so much especially when I was a kid. And the Vizsla makes a great shopping partner and side kick too.

For me this video is 100% more entertaining than any of the 1970s movies with smart and capable dogs in them that I watched as a kid. The dogs were either lost like Benji which made me cry, or mean like Cujo or the Dobermans in The Doberman Gang which made me mad.  My dobermans weren't mean, just smart and protective.  Working breeds can be a handful because they need to have a job, like these two demonstrate. However just the same, give them the training and maybe they will do you shopping?

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