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Dog Days of Summer Campaign - I am the change for Muttville

So a funny thing happened on my way to the store.  I was looking at my Facebook app on my iPhone, while I was filling up my car with gas.  As I was reading my friends updates, I saw many were posting about a challenge.

I sat in the car for a few minutes after I was done and read all about the Be The Change for Pets challenge.  A light bulb went off in my head then and I knew I had to join in!  Now San Francisco has lots of shelters and rescue groups that can use our help, and it would be up to me to choose just one.

As I sat there I remembered a story I had seen on my local CBS television station a few days prior.  The story had been about Sherri Franklin and Muttville, her nonprofit senior dog rescue group.

[Cleo and her female, Sharon with the senior formula from Wellness brand dog food. Photo by PL]

The news story not only introduced me to Muttville, a group I had not heard of yet in San Francisco, but it introduced me to Sherri's "pet project", her Senior Dog Rescue mission.  With my rescue dog Cleo a minimum of 7 years old now, I know that she could be a difficult candidate for adoption if she wasn't already in her forever home.  I also know that she eats a lot.

Thinking of the Dog Days of Summer food and supplies drive, I used my smart phone to find the number to Muttville and call them.  In my excitement to make this food donation before the end of July, I probably said too much about Blog Paws and the challenge in my voice message.  Fortunately for me Sherri heard my message (and offer of free food) through my enthusiasm and called me back quickly.

Sherri told me that many of her dogs did not have a lot of teeth and that they were short of canned dog food the most.  She gave me three brand names of what the dogs were currently willing to eat, without coaxing.

I left the gas station and went directly to Costco who only sold one brand of can dog food, which unfortunately was not part of Sherri's list.  My second stop was Petco and I scored because they carried Wellness brand dog food in cans. I grabbed a dozen large cans off the shelf with more than half being specifically formulated for Senior Dogs.

Sherri Franklin - Founder of Muttville, senior dog rescue
Here is Sherri, happy to have more food for her ever present and ever shifting pack of senior sweethearts.

Once again my time at Blog Paws 2010 has paid dividends.  The wonderful people I met through Blog Paws took an idea to a level where both pets and people are being changed simultaneously - and for the betterment of both!  At Grouchy Puppy we are focused on giving fearlessly and influencing positively our community and beyond.

This summer challenge introduced me to a group that speaks to me and my love of dogs, especially senior rescue dogs. I feel a special closeness to senior dogs because they remind me of my aging parents, and their need for love and compassion. 

A senior dog may move more slowly and have obvious physical challenges, but they can't hide the wagging tails and happy faces when you engage with them!  The adorable dogs I met at Muttville captured my heart as much as any puppy could.  The faces of Lucy, the sweet calm girl and the personality of Nila, the teacup pup kept my feet planted in the front room of Sherri's home (yes, Muttville is currently run out of her own home!).

Muttville in San Francisco
[Sherri works the phones constantly to help find forever homes for her senior sweethearts]

This segment of adoptable dogs deserves more of our attention.  At this stage they have given most of their life already to serving their companions steady years of unconditional love and tolerance.  We owe it to them to help ensure they receive extra love and attention while they are still with us.

Thank you Blog Paws and everyone who steps up to be the change for pets and all animals around the world.  You inspire me to become better and because of you, I have met the folks at Muttville at a time when they needed it.

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