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Imagine that

Imagine if man had not domesticated dogs? Who or what would have become Man's best friend? The bird? The horse? The cat?

Think of all the times your pal, with their warm and furry body, curled up next to you on the couch or at the foot of your bed for the night. Remember the mornings when a very happy face licked your face, even with its apparent morning breath? 

Do you see a bird giving you this same kind of impossible love?  Unless you live in a remote part of the world, or woods, I have a hard time visualizing a horse devoting their morning wake up call to you in this endearing way.  I will admit that I am slightly skeptical of most cats and their possible adoration of humankind.  Felines just seem to toy with us humans, more than dogs ever have or could. 

Canines don't strike me as being wired to be as calculating as cats. Doesn't it seem that cats could and sometimes do, use their intelligence for bad and good, equally? Imagine using one of those Japanese inventions that tell you what a cat is thinking.  I bet you hear a lot of "Hey you, the pillow that feeds's breakfast time."  You would likely have to train your cat to act happy to see you in the morning where as a dog - just is.

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