Her Majesty loves her Corgi subjects | Wordless Wednesday

Dogs know what love feels like on the other end of a leash, and how you pet them. Look at the face of this corgi feeling all the love Queen Elizabeth is giving them.

Dogs know love. I saw it with the stray dogs in Turkey, and I have witnessed it here in San Francisco. The expression made by both giver and receiver looks like a visceral response to the rush of oxytocin flowing.


Image via Getty and Jezebel

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Dog butts and a good scratch! Wordless Wednesday

I have yet to encounter one dog who has turned down a good scratch when the spot is hard to reach. The dogs I met while traveling in Turkey enjoyed my human affection, and this youngster most definitely loved getting her butt scratched after lunch.

Image from www.grouchypuppy.com

Have you ever had a dog turn down a butt scratch?


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Warning! Happy pit bull spotted in local park

Just call me a fool for any happy dog who is dying to show you the ball they so cleverly caught at the park.

Warning! Happy pit bull spotted in local park. Proceed with caution, or you'll find yourself late for work because said dog will convince you to throw the ball for her.

This sweet pit bull girl came running up while we were admiring the view from Bernal Heights in San Francisco. She jumped up on the bench in front us to be sure we didn't miss her "show and tell" performance too. 

image www.grouchypuppy.com

Best kind of strangers!

I may never have met this dog before but with her happy face, and incorrigible demeanor, she is no stranger to a animal lover. Am I right?

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Dogs We Love: An encouraging image from Turkey

In April, I traveled for the first time to a place where the majority of people didn't love dogs the way I do, the way most of us do in the United States.

This was my first experience of seeing stray dogs roaming city streets, staked outside with little shelter, or being chased off of a sidewalk by someone with a broom. It was overwhelming at times emotionally because it was obvious there was little that I could do to make the dogs lives any better. 

image from www.grouchypuppy.com

For each lonely stray I saw in the countryside, the bright side was seeing images like this one. It was heartwarming to witness some level of kinship and connection between Turk and dog, even if it wasn't what I was used to experiencing here in San Francisco.

This snoozing puppy was at Pergamon, a world heritage site in Bergama, Turkey. 



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Just give me the dog treat already

You didn't have to know much about dog behavior or body language to figure out what he was trying to say to this lady. We were in the Aegean region near Fethiye, Turkey, and this dog was fluent in the international language of good smelling dog treats.

image from www.grouchypuppy.com


Dogs understand what treats are, and how to ask for them in any language... 

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Pugs and the looks they give rule!

Some dogs are simply better at making the perfect expression for the moment, and this pug is no exception. His face speaks volumes! 


Your majesty 👑 #art #alleys #streetsofsf #dogswelove #ClarionAlleyMuralProject #magicalcityofsf

A photo posted by Sharon Castellanos (@city_girls) on Mar 23, 2015 at 12:37pm PDT

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Why we love dachshunds

There is nothing cuter than a low-riding, confident dog strolling on a Saturday morning down to the neighborhood farmers market. Watching a dachshund trot down the street with their long hair flowing in the breeze is like a supermodel with a fan on a photoshoot. Their doxie confidence is contagious!

image from www.grouchypuppy.com

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Dog walk ends in perfect nap with pug

When an artist is a dog lover they never seem to fail to capture the essence of our relationship in their painting or illustration. Behold this beautiful and peaceful image from, My Favorite Things, a book by Maira Kalman. Can't you feel how relaxed these two are on the grass, sharing a special quietude? It brings to mind my memories of similar moments with my dog on our living room rugs.

From the book, My Favorite Things, by Maira Kalman

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Just because she's pretty doesn't mean this dog wants your attention

It may come as a surprise to you but some dogs aren't interested in being the center of attention. Reactive dogs like Teddy need their space. When she's ready, she'll seek you out.

image from www.grouchypuppy.com


For a dog lover, it can be hard on your feelings when you're turned down by a pretty dog, but since spending time with Teddy here, when she decides you're okay by her, and you are allowed to give her a scratch or two on the butt -- it felt like winning a prize! Being allowed to give Teddy some affectionate attention was a wonderful sensation the first time, and many years later, the excitement hasn't diminished.

Have you ever had a reactive dog offer you their affection, or the chance to make physical contact with them? How did it feel?  


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San Francisco loves murals featuring dogs!

From quiet parklets, to beautiful landscaped hillsides, whether you have a dog and you're out on a walk, or you're daydreaming about one, you'll come across wonderful murals like this one.


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