Discover why senior dogs rule when you fall in love with Turtle!

Turtle 🐢 is just the best wee doggie for someone looking for a chill lil’ buddy who loves to snuggle, go for 🚙 drives or 🚌 bus rides, or hang out on the 🛋 couch together.

He loves to be elevated so he can check out what’s going on but doesn’t bark about it. He only barked once when I was leaving 😐💕 Muttville HQ.


Turtle is a loving senior who can’t wait to be your new best friend. He’s tiny and super-portable, which is great because Turtle is always up for a new adventure!

Turtle is definitely people-oriented, but also gets along great with other animals. We even think he can live with cats!

Come meet this perfect guy soon!

Turtle is 12 years old and weighs 10 pounds.

Fall in love with him at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue in San Francisco!

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Discover why senior dogs rule when you fall in love with Omar!

Omar is the most handsome blended golden retriever senior dog! He’s a the size of a bear cub with all the love and attention of your best pal.


Omar came to Muttville after his loving owners had to go to the hospital and couldn’t keep him. He’s understandably pretty sad about losing his family, but is coming out of his shell and showing his loving side more and more each day.

Omar wants nothing more than a new family to call his own! He is great with dogs of all sizes, does well on leash, and is potty trained.

Omar is a big boy would would benefit from lots of exercise and mental stimulation. We know he’d make an amazing companion!

Omar is 9 years young and weighs 92 pounds!

Fall in love with him at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue in San Francisco!

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Senior Dog and Helen Woodward Animal Center Dog to compete in American Rescue Dog Show!


While young athletes from around the world receive broadcast attention competing for gold, a senior athlete of the fuzzier-kind gets his time to shine on national television this coming Monday night. Sammy, an 8-year old, Boston Terrier-blend and Helen Woodward Animal Center rescue will compete for the title of “Best Fetcher” on Hallmark Channel’s AMERICAN RESCUE DOG SHOW, proving that senior canines can go paw-to-paw with the pups.

Sammy, originally named Pop, was adopted from Helen Woodward Animal Center in 2010 by the Tosheff family, including mom and dad, Lauren and Alex, and sisters Abigail, Kelly and Tara. At a very young age, Sammy displayed his athletic proclivity, preferring his ball over all other toys. In fact, Sammy overcame his fear of swimming when he was given the opportunity to fetch his ball out of the water.

The premiere one-of-a-kind, three-hour special, slated to light up your President’s Day, will feature 52 shelter dogs from across the country vying for top dog in the world’s most adorable categories.


Center rescue pet, Sammy, is ready to strut his stuff on the Hallmark Channel, this Monday, February 19th @ 8:00pm PT. 

The “2018 American Rescue Dog Show” is part of the Hallmark Channel’s cross-platform campaign “Adoption Ever After”, aimed at raising the profile of shelter pets. During the star-studded three-hour special, canines from various shelters and rescues will compete for grants for their alumni shelters from the Petco Foundation.

The goal of the show is to inspire viewers to adopt their next dog from their local shelter or rescue organization. The show is partnering with to encourage local pet adoption.

Learn more about the Helen Woodward Animal Center here.


Rescue. Foster. Donate. Adopt. 

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Discover why senior dogs rule when you fall in love with Butler!

Meet Butler…at your service for all your cuddling needs! Pause for a second and this sugar face will quietly start his way towards your lap. If you’re in need of a valentine, this senior sweetheart will send your heart ♥️ soaring to the moon and back.


This adorable little Chihuahua mix originally came to Muttville after being found as a stray. As soon as Butler came to Muttville he made himself right at home- jumping into any lap he could find and making friend! Butler is very outgoing and affectionate.

He absolutely loves people and would make the perfect companion. He is great with dogs of all sizes and very lovable! Come meet him soon!

Butler is 12 years young and weighs 5 pounds.

Fall in love with him at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue in San Francisco!

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Muttville Senior Dog Rescue Valentine Adopt-a-thon Feb 10th and 11th!!

Be still our heart! This weekend adoptions fees are waived for all the sugar faces at Muttville in San Francisco. If you want to feel the love and sweet companionship of an older dog, then this Valentine’s weekend head to Rescue Row in the city of St. Francis! 

The wonderful staff and volunteers will be ready to play Cupid and match you with a senior sweetheart, or just make sure you get a lot of free love...



Valentine's weekend Adopt-a-thon!!

  • Muttville Headquarters
  • 255 Alabama St. (corner of 16th)
  • San Francisco
  • 11:00AM - 4:00PM

Muttville’s turning the whole Valentine’s Day weekend into a big ol’ love fest! 

Been on the fence about making a commitment? The time has never been more right. On February 10th and 11th, adopt a dog from Muttville and the $200 adoption fee is waived. Donate what you wish – it’s all in the name of love.

Drop by anytime between 11a – 4p. And if there’s an adorable mutt on the website that has already snagged your attention, let them know you’re coming so they can make sure that particular cutie-pie is there to meet you!

Email to learn more!

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Discover why senior dogs rule when you fall in love with Trey!

One of the best things about older dogs is many of them have lived enough life to appreciate every moment they have, and aren’t slowed by potential obstacles — like having three legs.


Trey was given his name because this adorable pup is a tri-pawd but I can tell you that this doesn’t slow Trey down one bit! He loves to go for walks, explore, and play.

He is great with other dogs and learning to quickly warm up to new people, too. Trey came to us from a family that no longer had time to take care of him, and he can’t wait to find a place to call home.

We know this loving boy will continue to blossom once he knows he’s found his new family!

Trey is 8 years young and weighs 9 pounds.

Fall in love with him at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue in San Francisco!

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Discover why senior dogs rule when you fall in love with Billy Zoom!

Look at this face! Billy Zoom is a social butterfly, who is so happy to be at Muttville. I could have played with him all day! Instead we had a fun after-breakfast tickle session followed by some major cuddles.


Billy Zoom comes from Sonoma, and can’t wait for Muttville to help him find his new beginning!

This happy pup has the funniest little walk, as he prances around meeting everyone. He has an engaging disposition and loves meeting new people and pups.

This little guy has a lot of energy for a senior pup, and would do well in an active household. Could Billy Zoom become your new best friend?

We think Billy Zoom is 8 years young and weighs just under 14 pounds.

Fall in love with him at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue in San Francisco!

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Discover why senior dogs rule when you fall in love with Rosalind and Viola!

Rosalind is an adorable little Poodle girl from Solano County after being found as a stray along with her sister Viola. They are the cutest pair and will surely show you what makes senior dogs incredible love bugs!

These darling senior pups can’t wait to meet a family they can call their own, and will be forever grateful!

Rosalind and Viola may seem shy at first, but they warm up quickly to new people and love to sit in your lap and go for walks.

When you meet this bonded pair of miniature poodles you will fall in love!

Like most sisters they love hanging out together but also enjoy playing separately.

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The most liked sugar faces on our Grouchy Puppy Instagram will melt your heart

Over on Instagram we share adorable dog photos, and adoptable senior dogs, special dog-centric events and more. We meet sweet pups every week around the web, and across the Bay Area while out walking the streets of San Francisco. How can we not stop and share their sweetness with others?

There is something about these sugar faces that draws our attention wherever we are! Is it those come hither eyes? That aged to perfection face? The seriously adorable underbite? The impossible fluff?

Below are the nine more liked photos from our Grouchy Puppy Instagram account. We hope you will follow Grouchy Puppy on Instagram for a daily dose of adoptable and adorable dogs, or just serious cuteness to keep you smiling throughout the new year.

If you’re on Instagram, please share your profile in the comments and we’ll be sure to follow you back!


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Get free love every weekend at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue

One of our favorite places in the city of St. Francis is Muttville Senior Dog Rescue. Every week I love volunteering there because I never know what dog will want as many cuddles as I can offer!

After a year of spending time with these sweet oldsters I can tell you there is something special about a senior dog. If you want to discover what I’m talking about, come down to Rescue Row.

Every weekend you can get free love from the sugar faces, because senior dogs rule. Scroll through theses cutie pies to see what I mean.

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Discover why senior dogs rule when you meet Boba!

How adorable is Boba!? This darling boy is looking to slim-down and turn over a new leaf!

image from

Could you be the special person he needs to get back his beach-bod!? Boba came to Muttville very overweight, but very happy. He loves to walk around exploring his surroundings and meeting new people.

He is very laid-back and sweet, and would love a family to call his own. Boba is great with other dogs and is quickly adjusting to his new diet :)

Boba is 12 years young and weighs 27 pounds.

Check out what this sweet guys foster has to say about him:

Boba is a total sweetheart! He loves to be close & to cuddle on the couch, but he is fine being left alone as well. He is coming out of his shell more & more since we’ve had him & he has a fun, easygoing personality.Boba (aka Bo Fatty) came to us VERY overweight – he was very slow & low-activity at first. But he is learning to love walks – when you go to the door with the leash his tail starts wagging & he gets excited! His walks are getting longer & longer as he is losing weight, with a record-setting walk around the block today. You can tell that he wants to be at a higher activity level but is stuck in that big body of his! Once he gets to his “beach bod” & closer to his goal weight we imagine he will be quite the walker. He gets along with our other two dogs just fine. His house manners are GREAT – no accidents in the house since we’ve had him. Super nice & easy dog! If we could, we would adopt him in a heartbeat.

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Discover why senior dogs rule when you fall in love with Joyce!

Darling Joyce is a sweet, purebred Poodle coming to us all the way from Los Angeles. She is a very happy rambunctious girl, and perfect for keeping any winter blues away!


This adorable girl was originally found as a stray, so we don’t know much about her previous home life. Despite all the recent changes she’s gone through, Joyce is as sweet as can be.


She loves meeting new people and welcomes petting and attention. She’s also great with other dogs, loves going for walks, and is fairly mellow. Such a sweet girl!

Joyce is 12 years young, weighing 17 pounds. She’s also hypo-allergenic!

Fall in love with Joyce 5127 at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue in San Francisco!

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Nov. 17th San Francisco SPCA unveils 31st Annual Holiday Windows!!

Rain or shine expect a line when it comes to adorable adoptable pets! Celebrate the season by joining the San Francisco SPCA and Macy’s Union Square for the 31st unveiling of the iconic Holiday Windows on Friday, November 17, at 5:00 p.m. The window displays, which have become one of the most beloved symbols of the holiday spirit in San Francisco, will once again feature adorable – and adoptable – cats and dogs who need loving homes. San Francisco pastry chef Yigit Pura will partner with Snoopy to unveil the windows, and children from the De Marillac Academy Choir will provide the holiday soundtrack.


This year’s windows celebrate the bonds between family and friends. Titled “The Perfect Gift Brings People Together,” the theme centers on the joy of sharing holiday season festivities with those we love. Generations of visitors will delight once again, seeing the cuddly adoptable faces ready to share the holiday in a new home.

In 2016, 257 animals found homes during Holiday Windows and nearly $100,000 was raised to provide year-round support for the SF SPCA’s lifesaving programs. Over the last 30 years, Holiday Windows has made it possible for more than 9,000 animals to find loving, permanent homes.

“Combining the magic of holiday giving and finding these animals new homes, along with the importance of being with those we love throughout the season, makes these windows one of our favorite projects all year,” said Macy’s Visual Manager, Rise Hixson. “Guests from all over the Bay Area and the United States love watching the adorable animals in these windows. Spreading that cheer at this time of year is magical.”


This year, the magic will expand beyond the windows with a special space on the 6th floor where visitors will be able to see more adoptable animals and even schedule time in the wildly popular SF SPCA Cuddle Experience. Cuddle sessions will be available from 11am – 1pm and 5pm – 7pm on weekdays and 10am – noon and 4pm – 6pm on weekends.


Holiday Windows relies on volunteer support. The short two-hour shifts involve greeting the public, collecting donations, and directing people to the SF SPCA adoption center inside Macy’s. No prior training is required, and groups are welcome to volunteer together. Learn more at

“Thousands of lives have been saved through the Holiday Windows event, thanks to our partnership with Macy’s,” explained Dr. Jennifer Scarlett, SF SPCA President. “Every holiday season the San Francisco community comes together to help our animals find new homes. This is our biggest event of the year, and the tradition truly brings out the magic of the holiday spirit.”

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5 Great Reasons Why Senior Dogs Rule and Puppies Drool

November has turned into a favorite month thanks to the older dogs in my life. I love senior dogs more than Thanksgiving turkey and cranberry sauce!

My excitement for this month began after we adopted my own amazing Shepherd Husky from the San Francisco SPCA in November. After we shared every “Gotcha Day” and adoptaversary each November, I loved this month a little bit more.

image from

Since my big fluffy girl had to move on three years ago, I’ve been spending time every week at Muttville Senior Dog Rescue among an ever changing tide of sweet oldsters. They show me how much more fun being around well-seasoned dogs are compared to puppies! 

Curious about what makes these sugar faces so great? Read on and see for yourself  Adorable adoptable dogs ahead!!

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