Adoptable Senior Dog of the Week: Pancho
Dogs decorating the sidewalk make the holidays bright

How to help someone get past emotional barriers to senior dog adoption

The many years I had with my dog Cleo showed me that it's okay to be scared of the unknown but to let go of any fear, instead focusing on the moment and what I had influence over.

One of the best ways I can openly grieve my dog's passing but continue moving forward is to insert myself into conversations that involve senior dogs and adoption.

"Be scared, you can't help that. But don't be afraid." - William Faulkner



Sharing my experiences in Russell's comments about the Bridge Veterinary Services was how I demonstrated our Grouchy Puppy motto of Give Fearlessly Influence Positively. If I share my views maybe it will help one person get past their emotional barricade and take a leap of faith with a senior dog adoption. 

Has fear of their mortality stopped you from adopting a dog? How would you address someone facing emotional hurdles to adopting a senior dog?


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