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Memorial Day honors military service and therapy dogs


Daisy, a former therapy dog - who is credited as helping to raise spirits while reducing stress and depression for veterans for nearly 10 years, is now retired says her master because “with every step, her jaw became firmer, her muscles tighter, her heart more saddened. It became clear that our Daisy needed to walk away as a therapy dog because of what she shared with those vets.”

In turn, other “War Dogs” and therapy dogs were honored recently at a special pre-Memorial Day picnic in a park near the Veterans Health Administration’s facility in Roseburg that serves more than 62,000 veterans who reside in central and southern Oregon and Northern California. In addition to therapy dogs - that are prized by therapists who appreciate “canine healing power” - those dogs serving side-by-side with soldiers, airmen, sailors and Marines in harm’s way are honored each Memorial Day because they have been fighting with the U.S. military for centuries.

In fact, Rebecca Frankel, deputy managing editor of, who writes “War Dog of the Week,” told ABC News last Memorial Day that America’s War Dogs served “unofficially in the Civil War, and then officially inducted into the U.S. Army in 1942 for World War II;” while still serving in the War on Terror today, and at veterans hospitals nationwide as “best friends” for returning veterans.

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