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Labrador saves Army soldier moments from death after Afghan bomb


ARMY dog handler Jim Wilkinson told yesterday how his hero hound saved his life after a bomb blast in Afghanistan.

Jim, 26, was in danger of bleeding to death because shrapnel had pierced a major artery.

But his loyal sniffer dog Tam barked furiously at his side, stopping him from falling into unconsciousness and alerting his comrades to his injuries.

The golden labrador, who had been working with Jim for three months in the volatile Nahr-e-Saraj South district of Helmand province, was uninjured by the blast.

Jim, whose Scots wife Kerry is a former dog handler with the same unit, said yesterday: “I had a great relationship with Tam, he was a great life-saving piece of kit.

“He was my world. He was a good companion and I trusted him.

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