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My First Old Dog, Guest Posts and Why Seniors Rule

Today I had a first circle moment. Last year I began looking for people interested in writing a guest post here. My only criteria was that whatever the topic, the post needed to include a positive message, to end with hope or action. Grouchy Puppy has the motto "Give Fearlessly and Influence Positively" because we focus on empowering people, whether through education or inspiration.

It does no one any good, and especially a dog, if you are a puddle of sadness. After reading a depressing story or article, I need to do something, to act. I'm sure this is why petitions are so popular. People need to feel they can make a difference, they want to give fearlessly, whether through putting their name down for or against an issue or choosing to volunteer their time.


Cleo is my first old dog. As I was looking for people to write a guest post, I came across Elisa. She worked at the St. Louis Senior Dog Project and was a volunteer pet foster. We struck up a Twitter relationship as I began to actively look for and support senior dog rescues and nonprofits. Cleo is my first old dog. The Dobermans I grew up with never lived past the age of seven or eight. With my dog officially mature, as per the type of annual exam our vet gave her, I was in new territory. But with Cleo at my side, my interest in senior dogs grew and after enjoying Elisa's writing, I invited her to guest post. She has done a wonderful job with all of her posts - read her first piece on pet fostering a dog named Nolan and his teaching her about faith.

Every Dog Deserves a Full Stomach

As Cleo has entered her mature phase, I have become more aware of senior dogs and organizations that focus on them. During the June Pedigree Every Dog Deserves Campaign, we had a contest, in conjunction with Pedigree US, for people to nominate a nonprofit that they wanted to win a $1000 donation from Pedigree. We had eight people nominate their favorite nonprofit on our post, and using, St. Louis Senior Dog Project won.

Best kind of note arrived today:

St. Louis Senior Dog Project received a $1,000 donation from Pedigree in celebration of their campaign, EVERY DOG DESERVES.  I understand you were instrumental in our obtaining this amazing donation.  This is a lot of money to an organization of our size and will go a long way in helping us cover the medical and fostering expenses we incur each month.  Donations are the life blood of our group and make such a huge difference in our ability to continue finding good, permanent homes for the wonderful dogs in our foster care.  On behalf of all our volunteers and all the animals in our care, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!

If this is a result of my being positively influenced by my senior dog who gives fearlessly to me and others every day, I made the right choice to listen to my muse Cleo and launch Grouchy Puppy.

Having an old dog in my life for the first time may be new, but doing the right thing for all dogs - is timeless.

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