Glimpse what makes Goldens so special, check out Dog Camp!

Sure dog lovers say this about every dog but there is something special about Golden Retrievers. Goldstock is described as "the most fun you can have with your dog, and your dog with you." 

What makes this more than your average Labor Day weekend? This event is about promoting animal rescue, and raising money. It's about hundreds of Golden Retrievers teaching you a few life lessons.



Goldstock, which brings together hundreds of golden retrievers and their owners, is a yearly gathering that benefits and celebrates rescue dogs. The event was started in 1998 by Gail Lustig, a New York City dog-walker whose father built the camp in the 1950s.

Since then, Goldstock has grown from its humble beginnings of 60 attendees to include campers and rescue groups from all over the world. Roughly 400 dogs and nearly 30 different rescue groups participated in Goldstock 2014, as well as many dog-less attendees who showed up to support the cause.

This is better than any band camp, because dogs! What a wonderful event to close out summer with, and I can't wait to see Dog Camp in the fall!

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This Dr. Seuss fan and dog lover will pass

On Tuesday, a new Dr. Seuss book called What Pet Should I Get? was released, and according to Time

The book centers around a brother and sister who set out to a local pet store in search of a furry friend to call their own.

Attitudes towards dogs as pets and companions have changed a lot over the past fifty years. We are seeing more people understand the joy a senior dog can bring to your life. Thanks to many animal welfare organizations we are closer than ever to becoming a no-kill nation.

I'll be honest, I grew up reading and enjoying Dr. Seuss books. However I know how little things can influence a child's mind, and in this book it bothers me that a pet store is the focus of where they might find their new furry friend

I'd rather have them learn why adoption is a better option than buying a pet [SF/SPCA]

There are classic kid-friendly dog books already out there like Go, Dog. Go! and Harry the Dirty Dog. Do you think this new Dr. Seuss compares?


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Will you get the new Dr. Seuss book?


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City dog walks, who's happier?

Taking your dog for a walk is something everyone needs to do daily. The exercise benefits both ends of the leash. However, the next time you are out with your dog consider the stranger passing you on the street. If it's me, you should know that your dog may have just made my morning...

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As much as I appreciate the blue bird of happiness, having this sweet puppy cross my path made my day. How about you? Do you get a shot of joy from a stranger's dog?


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Discover why senior dogs rule: Fall in love with Bumblebee!

Watch out, cuteness overload!! Bumblebee is ready to buzz her way right into your lap! She may be one of the cutest senior dogs around, and she sure has the best personality to match.


image from

Hard to believe, but Bumblebee was shut down, terrified and curled up in a ball at the LA shelter where Muttville rescued her from. Abandoned and all alone, she had no idea what was coming next.

Fortunately Bumblebee was saved and transported up to Muttville where she has rebounded like the sunny girl she is! You won’t be able to help but smile when you meet this special girl.

Although Bumblebee can’t see very well, it doesn’t stop her from bouncing from person to person giving them a big doggie kiss!

We think Bumblebee is 11 years young, weighing less than 10 lbs. Come down to Rescue Row in San Francisco and meet her!

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